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Amelia Bucog

Experience & Activities

Amy is an experienced motivational speaker for youth leadership training as well as employee development seminars for private companies and the Department of Education teachers in Davao City. She is an educator; teaching at the secondary, tertiary to graduate school levels. She is also a linguist, doing freelance translations of children’s learning materials and newsletters from English to Cebuano, having completed a Bachelor of Arts in Language and Literature from the University of Southeastern Philippines.

As a holder of a Master’s of Divinity in Urban Studies from the Koinonia Theological Seminary Foundation, Inc., she has a deep understanding of the psyche of disadvantaged Filipinos having been involved in several ministries catering to this sector of society. Consequently, she adds the value of contextualizing training materials may it be on management and leadership principles, among others, to appeal to both the hearts and minds of this target audience to create deeper impact and behavioral change.