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The team is composed of seasoned professionals with various expertise

in the areas of human resources, psychometry, counseling, process facilitation for strategic planning and team-buildings, executive coaching, sales, marketing, business operations and policy formulation. We leverage on these strengths to come up with holistic transformational organization and learning and development programs.

Various Clientele

Various Clientele

Our clients range from micro to large enterprises in various industries such as local government agencies, law firms, manufacturing and mining companies.

Industrial and Organizational Development

Industrial and Organizational Development

change and achieve greater effectiveness by developing, improving, and reinforcing strategies, structures, and processes.

About Us

Psych Siren For Your HR Concerns

We envision a world that champions continuous personal, team, and organizational growth and transformation resulting in communities that are healthier, wealthier, and happier.

We work with clients across the private and public sectors to empower and enable them to meet the challenges of the times with pioneering creative and innovative programs, activities, and solutions for their evolving contextual landscapes.

Expert People

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What We Do

Psych Siren Management Consultancy Services


Talent Acquisition (Head Hunting Services)

We find the best possible candidates by targeting those who match the companies' requirements.


Performance Management System Implementation

By crafting policies, and tools and enabling the employees to identify the business drivers and anchoring their performance plans on these.


Employee Engagement Surveys and Programs

For employees' well-being, retention and engagement based on the results.


Job Evaluation and Salary Standardization

Job Analysis, Crafting of Job Descriptions, Job Ranking and Pricing based on benchmark data.


Team Building Programs

We aim to develop teamwork competencies such as communication, compromise, and collective reasoning.


Strategic Planning Facilitation

We assist with implementation coaching and management development training.


Human Resources Department Optimization

Through Organization Design Review, Process Mapping and Policy Crafting.


Learning and Development Solutions

Such as Staff, Supervisory and Management Development Programs.

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