Unveiling the Mutya Mystique

Almost every other little girl out there dreams of becoming a beauty queen. We are a nation enthralled with beauty pageants that it has become a national pastime rivaling the fame and following of telenovelas and basketball games. In our country where chaos is the order of the day, we need palliatives to over-sensitize our senses so that we have no more emotional energy left to expend over much more mundane matters that never gets resolved.

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In Defense of Old Nick

If rumors are to be believed, he was either the Devil Incarnate or one of the greatest political analysts of all time. In fact, some claim that the Devil is often referred to as Old Nick simply because Niccolò was Machiavelli’s first name. The term...

Is it True Love?

We all know the all-too-common scenario of guy meeting girl and wham! the world turns upside down, love songs suddenly seem to be written just for you, the air is crisp, life suddenly becomes beautiful, and everything falls into place. This mental...

Chismis Lang ‘Yan!

As a former student leader, model and beauty queen, I’ve been in the public arena. I must admit, it’s not easy. People will either love you or hate you to bits! What’s worse—you’ll find yourself figuring prominently in rumors so far removed from...

The Total Woman

She doesn’t exist. Multi-media will try to convince you otherwise, but don’t let them fool you. Being a wife and a mother is already a full-time job. Add a flourishing career in there and that may help explain why more women have mood disorders like...

Macho versus Metro

This is era of the metrosexual. Androgyny is in. Beautiful men prevail in fashionand in film. The days of the macho man are numbered.At first glance, it seems as if this whole commotion about the quintessentialcontemporary man: the ‘metrosexual’ is...

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